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Working Capital Loans For SME - A Quick & Flexible Solution To Your Business Needs

A dynamic business would definitely need constant cash flows to keep growing and adjusting to fluctuations. Finaxar Credit Line offers the required flexibility to quickly react to market opportunities and grow your business comfortably.

With Finaxar Credit Line, you don’t have to borrow more than what you need. Simply, have enough money to handle any business expense. Keep drawing funds until your credit limit is met. With every repayment, your credit line tops itself up.

Finaxar Credit Line is a savior in many ways
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Tackles Slow Sales

Lack of cash flow might slow down the sale in many ways. With Finaxar Credit Line, you can add more sales force and make sure that the sales activities move ahead faster.

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Handles Unplanned Expenses

As a business owner, you should be ready to handle unexpected expenses. A credit line allows you to have money all the time and thus handle unplanned expenses in a better way.

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Hire More Employees

With the expansion of business, you might need to have more employees onboard. A credit line allows you to hire more employees to keep the business going.

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Buy Additional Equipments

Finaxar credit line allows you to keep some cash aside to buy additional equipment required to fasten the production and sales.

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Expand to New Locations

Targeting a smaller location will always limit the growth of your business. Avail a credit line and use the cash to expand business in multiple locations.

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Create More Inventory

As your business increases and you have your presence in multiple locations, you would need to have more inventory in place. With Finaxar Credit Line, this is easily possible.

Line Of Credit v/s Finaxar Credit Line

Do you have poor credit and yet want quick access to cash to keep your business going? Opt for simplified business finding options from Finaxar and gain flexibility in what the funds can be used for. Finaxar’s simplified business funding options will act as a bridge to effective financing.

Line of Credit
Finaxar Credit Line
Line of Credit Complex & stressful paperwork. Time-consuming process.
Finaxar Credit Line A simple, hassle free & completely paperless online application process. Get a decision in as quick as 30 mins.
Line of Credit The cost of applying for a line of credit is often high. Hidden cost, admin & processing cost, etc are added while funding.
Finaxar Credit Line With Finaxar Credit Line you never have to worry about any hidden cost. We never charge a single extra penny, our pricing is competitive and transparent.
Line of Credit Line of credit allows a flexibility with a complex process.
Finaxar Credit Line Finaxar Credit line is simple and flexible. Comfortable repayment schedules.
Line of Credit Short term
Finaxar Credit Line You can rely on us as long as you wish. We are your funding partner for a long term.

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Need cash flow to keep your business going? Access working capital loans instantly in a few simple steps:

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01. Sign Up

The sign-up process is simple and takes only 5 mins to complete. Simply give us the details of your business and sign up to our funding app.

02. Link your trading software

Connect your trading platform or accounting software with the app and we will take it ahead from there. Once you connect your trading platform we will be able to review the sales history and get you the funds you need.

Connect Seamlessly Using Your Platform Credentials
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03.Avail funds

Once we receive your application and once you connect your trading platform, our credit team will review your details and get in touch with you as soon as they can. We try our best to review each application in as quick as 30mins and disburse the money to your account in 1 working day*.

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